JJ Astor Restaurant and Lounge

Travelers from all over the world will always look for a place to stay to accommodate them. Whether they stay in a certain place for just a day or a couple of days, they will surely book for a hotel or other types of accommodation. The most common is a hotel. All throughout the United States, you will see many hotels. Usually, there is a restaurant inside a hotel either owned by the same hotel owner or another owner. In Radisson Hotel Duluth, a restaurant is present.

The JJ Astor Restaurant and Lounge is located on the 16th floor of the said hotel. Every guest enjoy the welcoming service of the staffs, the inspired decor or the interior design itself, modern approachability, the unparalleled views, and of course the signature dishes. The signature dishes come from the local produce of the place. The ingredients are always fresh such as vegetables and fishes. The restaurant provides a memorable dining experience to all of the guests both the locals as well as the visitors.

Every visitor who enter into the restaurant and lounge are always  amazed by the interior design and everything about the place. They always admire the view from the inviting sofa style banquettes. Since I also like to travel, I witnessed how beautiful the restaurant is and the taste of the food is truly delicious! I strongly recommend this restaurant to those who plan to visit Duluth, a very beautiful city in Minnesota, United States. You will surely enjoy your meal while looking at the views.